Italian Wills and inheritance

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Di Ruggiero Law Firm provides legal advice and assistance  in matters of inheritance and wills being executed under Italian law.

We represent clients in all areas of Italian Succession Law providing the following services:

  • Evaluate your inheritance rights;
  • Claim/recover family properties;
  • Search for properties, titles, records (public Will included);
  • Obtain an appraisal and or a survey of your property;
  • Offer legal support for the sale of inherited properties;
  • Determine taxation connected with the inheritance;
  • Challenge in the Italian Courts a Will drafted in conflict with the Italian legislation;
  • Manage your probate;
  • Register an inherited property in the name of the heirs;
  • Obtain the release of funds deposited in bank account
  • Give you legal support in order to draft an Italian Will;

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