Italian citizenship

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Di Ruggiero Law Firm provides legal advice and assistance to apply for the recognition of the italian citizenship directly in Italy.

Di Ruggiero Law Firm assists its costumers to:

  • search and application for italian records;
  • check the requirements and documentation;
  • apply for Italian citizenship by descent, marriage and residence directly in Italy
  • apply judicially for italian citizenship through motherline in case there is a woman in the direct line of descent that had her child before 1948;
  • apply judicially for italian citizenship through masculine line againt the excessive duration of the Consulate procedure;
  • appeal to the Italian Court in case of rejection of the citizenship application or in case of revocation of the citizenship already recognized;
  • apply through the Italian Court to speed up the citizenship procedures (by descent, marriage or residence) already submitted through the Italian Consulate, Municipality or Prefecture and not concluded by the deadline established by the law.

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